Prince Amedeo of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este

His full name is Amedeo Marie Joseph Carl Pierre Philippe Paola Marcus d’Aviano

He was born on 21 February 1986

His Father is Prince Lorenz of Belgium and Mother is Princess Astrid of Belgium

He has 4 younger siblings, Princess Maria Laura, Prince Joachim, Princess Luisa Maria and Princess Laetitia Maria

His primary school and the greater part of his secondary education was at the strict Jesuit school Sint-Jan Berchmans college in Brussels

He finished his secondary education at Sevenoaks School in Kent, England

After he finished school he spent a year at the Koninklijke Militaire School / École Royale Militaire (Royal Military Academy) in Belgium 

Since Prince Amedeo completed military service he has been a reserve officer in the Belgian Army

In September 2005 he began his studies at the London School of Economics. He graduated from the LSE in 2008 and took a sabbatical before entering professional life.

Since September 2009, he has worked for Deloitte in New York City.

Fun fact, Prince Amedeo is descended from Austrian, Belgian, Italian, French, Swedish, Danish, British, Portuguese, Spanish and German royal families.

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