Arthur Landon

Arthur Landon is the son of the late Brigadier Tim Landon — known as the White Sultan or Landon of Arabia and his Mother is Austro-Hungarian Princess Katalina Esterhazy de Galantha

His Father made his fortune in the Seventies in Boy’s Own fashion when he helped his Sandhurst friend Qaboos bin Said Al Said overthrow his father, the reigning despot of Oman.

With his regiment, he traveled overland from Europe to Arabia and arrived in Oman in the mid-1960s. He was sent there as part of a British military operation to help Sultan Said bin Taimur defeat the Soviet-backed Dhofar Rebellion. He was stationed in the south as an intelligence officer, but was transferred to Muscat. There he became an integral part of the coup to remove the old Sultan, who in the British government’s opinion had become too independent, yet backward in his thinking.

Landon, who was close to the Sultan’s son Qaboos from his Sandhurst days, was allowed to visit his friend, although the Sultan had placed his son under house arrest. Convincing the son to oust his father from the throne was no easy task. The coup occurred on 23 July 1970, when Landon was twenty-seven. Said bin Taimur was confronted at his palace and told to sign over power to his son. The only confirmed casualty in this otherwise bloodless coup was the old Sultan’s foot when he inadvertently shot himself. The deposed ruler was flown to London on an RAF Transport, where he died two years later in the Dorchester Hotel. It is claimed that his greatest regret was not having Landon assassinated.

Over the next fifteen years, the young officer helped his friends develop the Sultanate from a ‘medieval backwater’ into a modern 20th-century state. Omani oil revenues enabled much of the country’s advances and Landon became a leading advocate of “Omanisation” of the economy and government.

Paid handsomely by Qaboos, Tim bought the village of Faccombe in Hampshire, plus more than 11,000 acres of grouse moor in Scotland and North Yorkshire.

His father passed away in 2007 leaving Arthur with upwards of £200 million making Arthur the wealthiest the wealthiest young person in Britain

But Arthur despite his wealth is not lay about, he is a Writer and Director and owns New Tide films, he is said to be a director to watch out for in the future. 

He does not court the limelight and prefers to spend his time of the Family Estate, Faccombe in Andover

He does have a long term girlfriend  Charlotte Cowen who is a makeup artist. 

Arthur is a friend of Harry, Chelsy, Beatrice and Eugenie. But is most often seen with Harry. 

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