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She’s talking with a person, in a wheelchair, and is not even looking at him she’s so disrespectful. Look to the person that’s talking to you!!



Same old, same old.

For a woman how likes sport Kate don't really now how to dress when you're going to play one. Like to day high heels, not a blazer to pratic sports, shirt that keep going up and jeans. She don't even try right?

Hey it is better than the hockey outfit where she knew she would be playing hockey, went in heels and brought no trainers (sneakers) to play in so they had to go and find some for her.

If Kate does not do enough work, why doesn't the Queen or even William put pressure on her to do more engagements? Don't they ever read the criticism? I'm sure they care about reputation. Also, what could Kate really be doing? I know right now she has a newborn baby but I mean even earlier this year or last year. One can only exercise or shop so much. How do we know she doesn't work at home in an office responding to calls and e-mails? That certainly counts as work. We can't see everything.

How do we know she doesn’t work at home in an office responding to calls and e-mails?

because that is what her staff is for, that is why Royals have staff so they can do that while she works. 

Also it would not class as work as that is not her job. 

As for William, he is even lazier than his Wife, he is the worst royal in the BRF.

The Queen lets her family make their own mistakes 

Malala Yousafzai interviewed on CNN last week was really good

She is a wonderful young girl

is zara living in a palace?? (and peter)


They live in a small place on their Mother’s private estate. 

OMG chelsy has such a nice figure!!! It's much nicer than Kate's and cressida. She's slim but like curvy at the same time

She does have a lovely figure 


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end of Chelsy spam

end of Chelsy spam